About ShigaKogen

About ShigaKogen

Shiga Kogen is a large ski resort that has a ski area stretching across in size from a height of 1340m to 2307m with 48 lifts, gondolas, and ski areas that are functionally connected by a shuttle bus service.
You can come and go as you please at all of our skiing areas with the shuttle bus or the all-mountain common lift tickets.
Having a blessed geography and weather conditions, you can enjoy the great quality of its snow. You can also enjoy a long season as it covers the period from the middle of November to the end of May.

Shiga-highland Biosphere Reserve

ShigaKogen UNESCO Eco Park National Park (MAB)

On the basis of the UNESCO program of “Man and Biosphere (MAB)” that was inaugurated in 1971, Shiga Kogen was designated as a “Biosphere Conservation Area (UNESCO Eco Park)” in 1980. It has been internationally recognized as a regional model for putting into practice the “coexistence of nature and society.”

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