Lift Ticket

ShigaKogen All 18 SKI AREA Common Tickets

At ShigaKogen, using just the one key ticket allows you to access all 18 ski areas, the 48 lifts, and gondolas.
Lift tickets can be purchased with a credit card.

Convenient for you as you can use your credit card to purchase lift tickets.

One-time tickets and night tickets cannot be purchased with a credit card.

Ticket Prices

Multi-day Pass


Senior ・Student


1-day pass

AdultJPY 6,000-

Senior ・StudentJPY 5,100-

ChildJPY 3,000-

2-days pass

AdultJPY 11,500-

Senior ・StudentJPY 9,800-

ChildJPY 5,700-

3-days pass

AdultJPY 17,000-

Senior ・StudentJPY 14,500-

ChildJPY 8,500-

4-days pass

AdultJPY 22,400-

Senior ・StudentJPY 19,100-

ChildJPY 11,200-

5-days pass

AdultJPY 27,800-

Senior ・StudentJPY 23,700-

ChildJPY 13,900-

6-days pass

AdultJPY 33,200-

Senior ・StudentJPY 28,300-

ChildJPY 16,600-

7-days pass

AdultJPY 38,600-

Senior ・StudentJPY 32,900-

ChildJPY 19,300-

8-days pass

AdultJPY 44,000-

Senior ・StudentJPY 37,500-

ChildJPY 22,000-

9-days pass

AdultJPY 49,400-

Senior ・StudentJPY 42,100-

ChildJPY 24,700-

10-days pass

AdultJPY 54,800-

Senior ・StudentJPY 46,700-

ChildJPY 27,400-

Handicapped discount ticket




1-day pass

AdultJPY 4,600-

senior ・studentJPY 4,600-

ChildJPY 2,300-

2-days pass

AdultJPY 8,000-

Senior・StudentJPY 8,000-

ChildJPY 4,000-

3-days pass

AdultJPY 11,400-

Senior・StudentJPY 11,400-

ChildJPY 5,700-

4-hour pass




Can be continuously used for four hours having passed through the gates.

AdultJPY 5,200-

Senior ・StudentJPY 4,500-

ChildJPY 2,600-

Point ticket


senior ・student


You can choose to purchase between 20 and 50 points (Additional points are between 1 and 50). One point Adult: 120 yen/Children: 60 yen *NO REFUND

AdultJPY 2,400~
JPY 6,000-

Senior・StudentJPY 2,400~
JPY 6,000-

ChildJPY 1,200~
JPY 3,000-

Early season/Spring season pass




1-day pass

AdultJPY 5,000-

Senior・StudentJPY 4,600-

ChildJPY 2,500-

2-days pass

AdultJPY 9,400-

Senior・StudentJPY 8,200-

ChildJPY 4,700-

Early season [Dec. 4,2021 -Dec. 17,2021 * 2-days tickets will be sold until Dec. 16 2022]
Spring ski season [Apr. 1,2022 -May 5, 2022]

Adult & Child ticket

1-day pass

JPY 8,100-

2-days pass

JPY 15,500-

3-days pass

JPY 23,000-

Age Categories

International Age Categories










Presenting a disability certificate or nursing certificate


2021-2022season refers to operation beginning from December 4, 2021 until May 5, 2022

Operating Hours: 08:30-16:30 (Operating hours differ depending on the weather, duration of sunshine, and location.)

Season tickets and the common tickets cannot be used after 5 May 2022

The remaining number of days, points, and time, for all types of tickets do NOT carry-over to the next season.

Excluding point tickets, and season tickets, tickets are for continuous, multiple day use. You count the number of days beginning with the date of issue on the ticket.

Excluding event tickets, tickets cannot be used for night skiing. Please request a separate night ski ticket if you want to ski at night.

(SEE NOTE) For children below elementary school. However, for preschoolers who are accompanied by a paying adult, the fee of one preschooler is waived per paying customer.
Although at ShigaKogen we can accommodate preschool children as indicated above, for safety reasons, we still require them to be accompanied when passing through the gates and when getting on the lifts. If the gates and lifts are individually used, we kindly ask you to request a separate lift ticket.

Shuttle Bus Service Period: Dec 1, 2021 until May 5, 2022. From the beginning of April, the summer bus schedule will be used.

Point tickets.
・Unused portions will NOT be reimbursed.

Lost lift ticket will NOT be reissued.

We are NOT held responsible for accidents within the ski resort.

Reimbursements of lift fees for lifts that are not in service due to extreme weather conditions will be decided in accordance with the rules of ShigaKogen Ropeway Association.

No transfer of tickets

Sell in the resale ticket to someone in Shigakogen ski resorts , or sell it and the person will be punished.
(Ordinance Article 8 on the Prevention of violent bad acts , such as multiplying the disturbances in Nagano Prefecture public.)

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